Salt and Mag


Hollins Organic Products, Inc. offers the following products to help you beat the snow and ice. THESE PRODUCTS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE AT OUR FALLS ROAD LOCATION. Please call our Falls Road Office for pricing and availability.

Bulk Rock Salt Rock Salt is used to remove snow and ice from sidewalks and parking lots. It is a natural mineral, sodium chloride, the most widely used ice melter. It is specially screened to provide a unique blend of large and small melting crystals. Small crystals melt quickly. Large crystals provide long lasting action. This deicer doesn't leave an oily residue that can stain rugs and carpets inside. Works best at temperatures 5 degrees and above. Use only on properly placed and cured concrete.
50# Screened Halite
  MAG (Magnesium Chloride) is a highly effective, environmentally safer de-icer that melts ice effectively at temperatures as low as -13 degrees. MAG is safer for people and pets because it's less toxic than other alternatives and less corrosive for concrete. From shovels to fence posts, MAG helps prolong the life of metal equipment and surfaces that come in contact with ice melters. Using MAG as directed keeps plants and shrubs healthier and won't leave a residue on household surfaces like floors and carpets.
Magnesium Chloride- Pellets
Calcium Chloride effectively melts down to -25 degrees. It begins melting immediately upon impact to quickly penetrate through frozen surfaces to undercut the ice. Long-lasting melting action requires fewer applications than other de-icers. Leaves no powdery residue and is odorless and colorless. Safe on concrete and vegatation when used correctly.