About Us


Mission Statement:

We provide the highest quality products and services to every customer, with a dedicated work force that puts the customer first and takes the extra step to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Vision Statement:

We live by our shared values. We maximize operational excellence, constantly exceed yesterday's accomplishments, and maintain 100% customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Shared Values and Guiding Principles:

HONESTY - We adhere to the moral and ethical principle of "Honesty" as the basis of our actions to achieve the highest level of integrity for our customers, employees, and vendors.
ONE-TEAM - We generate synergy, by collaborating in harmony, in a structured manner allowing each member to maximize their strengths to achieve our shared goals of success. We communicate openly, respectfully, and share information, ideas, and knowledge freely and quickly.
LISTENING - We treat each other with respect and dignity by listening attentively and  being open to each other's ideas, opinions, and feelings. We ask for, and listen to, constructive feedback about our own performance. We are constantly learning to be better listeners.
LEARNING - We embed learning in the way we operate. Learning (1) is a regular part of daily work; (2) is practiced at personal, work unit, and company levels; (3) results in solving problems at their source; and (4) is focused on building and sharing knowledge.
INSPIRING - We imagine an exciting, highly attractive future and are driven by a clear image of what our company will become. We passionately believe in a shared vision and show others how their long-term interests are realized by enlisting in a common vision.
NEVER-ENDING JOURNEY - We are engaged in the deployment of our Strategic Plan. It is our way to have happier customers, to manage our assets and costs, to have competitive prices, increased profits, and better equipment, security, and compensation for employees.
SUSTAINABILITY - We take personal ownership for the success of our company. We are accountable for the resources entrusted to us. We carry out our given duties every day on every job in a responsible manner, living by and applying all of our shared values.