CDL and Non-CDL Drivers



1. Help meet or exceed standards of the company
2. Cooperate with members of management and all fellow employees
3. Help satisfy the needs of the company and all Hollins customers (quality, quantity, timeliness)
4. Live up to the company's values
5. Generate ideas for improvement
6. Strive to be positive and work well with others (Collaborate)


1. COMMITMENT (Demonstrating loyalty and responsibility)
2. TIME MANAGEMENT (Allocating time and using it effectively)
3. PROBLEM SOLVING (Recognizing and solving problems)
4. INTEGRATING DIFFERENCES (Accepting and resolving conflicts)
5. STRESS PROCESSING (Managing crisis and reducing stress)


1. One to two years experience (minimum) or graduate of approved school
2. Handles truck with skills and knowledge
3. Knowledge of materials, methods, and the tools for managing load
4. Knowledge of DOT laws, regulations, and record keeping as applicable
5. Must maintain DOT Qualifications, as applicable
6. Knowledge of proper load techniques and weight restrictions
7. Knowledge of Pre-Trip and Post-Trip inspection reports
8. Have good communication and navigational skills
9. Knowledge of situational awareness within different locations (overhead lines, tree limbs, terrain, etc.)
10. Must possess a clean driving record (2 points maximum and no DUI or DWI)


1. Live our mission, vision, and values
2. Report to work on time and be punctual and prepared
3. Handle customers and co-workers in a polite and professional manner including proper phone etiquette. Let them hear you smile!
4. Take the initiative to carry out key responsibilities in the most effective and efficient manner
5. Improve knowledge, upgrade skill, and broaden job capabilities
6. Must learn to multi-task and learn what you can do to help others
7. Willingness to be trained on equipment as needed and recognize situations that may require your assistance
8. Provide feedback to the appropriate personnel
9. Keep personal conversations, text messages, etc to a minimum
10. Office and work phones are for business use only. Text messaging is not allowed
11. Obey all traffic laws
12. Possess skills to be a professional driver and ambassador on the roadway
13. Maintain vehicle cleanliness
14. Complete Pre-Trip and Post-Trip inspection reports daily
15. Check and maintain accessible fluid levels
16. Notify management immediately of all incidents or accidents


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