Wholesale Tractor Trailer Loads

 To schedule a tractor trailer delivery, please email Bonnie @ bonnie.strausbaugh@hollinsorganic.com

Below are our Tractor Trailer Prices listed by zone. To determine what zone you are in, please click HERE.

*All Prices are subject to change without notice.
*All Prices vary due to delivery locations.
*Fuel Surcharges are applied to ALL deliveries.
*Manufacturing Surcharges are applied to most deliveries.

Prices updated 10/6/2021

Bulk Mulches and Compost Zone C Zone D Zone E Zone F
Tan Bark Mix (65-90 yards) $18.00/yd $18.00/yd $18.00/yd $21.50/yd
Eco Mulch (60-75 yards) $15.75/yd $15.75/yd $15.75/yd $18.25/yd
Pine Bark Mulch (70-80 yards) Please call for Pricing and Availability
Pinegro (Fines) (75 yards) $26.50/yd $28.50/yd $28.50/yd $29.50/yd
Colored Mulch (60-75 yards) $22.00/yd $22.00/yd $22.00/yd $23.50/yd
Playmat (80-90 yards) $25.00/yd $25.00/yd $25.00/yd $27.50/yd
Leafgro (40 yards)
$27.00/yd $27.00/yd $27.00/yd $31.75/yd
Orgro (50-60 yards) $25.00/yd $25.00/yd $25.00/yd $29.75/yd
Bagged Products Zone D Zone E
2 cf Tan Bark Mix (68/pallet) $2.40/bag $2.50/bag
3 cf Tan Bark Mix (45/pallet) $3.10/bag $3.25/bag
2 cf Pinegro (Fines) (68/pallet) $2.90/bag $2.95/bag
2 cf Pine Mini Nuggets (68/pallet) $2.87/bag $2.97/bag
2 cf Colored Mulch (Black, Brown, Red) (68/pallet) $2.85/bag $2.95/bag
40# Top Soil (60/pallet) $1.70/bag $1.80/bag
40# Potting Soil (60/pallet) $1.85/bag $1.95/bag
1.5 cf Leafgro (50/pallet) $3.80/bag $3.80/bag
*Mix and Match Loads available. 20 Pallets per Load.*

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