Wood Waste Recycling

*** Please Note ***
Wood Waste Recycling is available
ONLY at our Falls Road Location

Bring your wood waste for recycling! Fees are relative to load sizes. Convenient location and easy access.

Only natural debris such as tree trimmings, leaves, and wood chips are accepted in the dump. We grind daily, so dumping privileges extend from 7am until one hour before we close.

Logs must be smaller than 18 inches in diameter and 2 feet in length.

Call to confirm current schedules, as hours change seasonally.


Tipping Fee Schedule
Vehicle Size Price
Small Pickup (S10) $25.00
Regular Pickup (F150) $30.00
Regular Pickup with side boards $35.00
Tree Companies- Clean Chips $35.00
Stake Body 1 ton dump $40.00
Single Axle Contractors $40.00
Single Axles with 10 yd loads $50.00
10 wheel axle or Tandem / 15 yard Can $90.00
20 yard Roll Off Container $140.00
30 yard Roll Off Container $155.00
40 yard Roll Off Container $180.00
Tractor Trailer- Walking Floor $200.00
*All prices may vary as load size varies*

*There may be a $30.00 charge associated with any trash or unacceptable debris mixed into the load. This includes rocks, trash, pressure treated or  creosoted lumber and dirt.*